Nicholas Daley graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2013. The label launched with S/S 15’s ‘Culture Clash’, a collection which established the brand identity through nuanced references to British subcultures, past and present. Nicholas’s aesthetic reflects his own multiracial heritage, having grown up in a culturally diverse environment. Such experiences inform his ideas of the ‘contemporary man’ and his clothing symbolises the multicultural essence of the British identity.

Through vigorous research and subtle design, Nicholas charges his garments with authenticity. A strong cultural narrative is created as music underlies every collection, both as a form of inspiration and expression. Each season Nicholas collaborates with an artist to produce a mix-tape, enforcing the historically-significant binary between style and music. 

An appreciation for the past is further shown through Nicholas’ dedication to preserving British craft, having spent time working on Savile Row. All production is retained within the UK, working with traditional British manufacturers. By employing age-old methods of production to create contemporary menswear, Nicholas is formulating a new lexicon by which to define 21st Century sartorialism.

This engagement with British style and nonconformity has gained Nicholas much recognition, most notably in Japan, where his work is frequently featured within publications such as Eyescream, BrutusGRIND and Popeye. Leading stockists are International Gallery Beams and WARE-mo-KOU. In Europe stockists include Dover Street Market London and The Bureau in Belfast.